22 thoughts on “Rope Coil

  1. jlmphotos says:

    Interesting pattern and texture. And I’ve met and talked to enough boat owners to honestly say many are OCD about certain things! LOL


  2. LB says:

    if this hadn’t been white … it so reminded me of the black snakes that USED to get into my house before we figured out how they were getting in. Yikes!


  3. Navigation traditions are passed on from generation to generation. Sailing goes back a long way in the vast field of History. Patterns in photography are always pleasing to the eye. Thank you Joe for sharing.


  4. roblowephoto says:

    Interesting shot. The ‘coil’ is called a ‘cheese’, by the way. Common practice on ships with long lengths of rope. R


  5. A sudden knot or tangle in a boat rope can cost a fisherman a limb or damage a boat. A good fisherman or boats man knows his knots and protects his lines with proper care. This is a lovely coil of someone who knows his craft.


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