The Reader

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The ReaderThe title should read “Never think you are finished for the day.”

The picture above, “The Reader” is an example of that. I’d spent the morning taking pictures while on a visit to the city of Bergen here in Norway. The weather was cloudy and it was raining, which will come as no surprise to people that live in Norway.

I’d kind of given up for the day after taking some lackluster shots while walking the streets. I was looking forward to lunch. We ended up at a restaurant famous for its Fish soup. While waiting for our order (It was lunchtime and the place was busy) I noticed a lady sitting by the window reading. The light was perfect. I slowly raised my Leica MP and shot off a couple of frames of Ilford XP2 between the shoulders of my friends sitting opposite me.

The result…well you can judge for yourselves.


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One thought on “The Reader

  1. Very artistic shot. As you mentioned in the caption of the picture, the light was just perfect for the shot. It’s difficult to remove your eyes from the photograph. Black and White photography to the finest degree. Congrats!


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