I Love Toys – New EDC

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Many of you already know I have been a Fuji shooter for about four years now and while I have used and owned just about every model they make I have always had a soft spot for the X100 series of cameras.  With the recent purchase of the new Fuji X-Pro 2  I found myself using the X100T less and less.  The X-Pro 2 offers the same incredible hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder and adds the ability to change lenses.  So as usual I had my annual year end clearance sale and sold the X100T.  I still was missing the convenience of a camera that I could just throw in my pocket after the sale of the X100T.  My new every day carry camera is the Fuji X70.  Its a pocketable camera and gives me the same image quality as the X100T minus the viewfinder.  I opted to purchase a removable Voigtlander 28mm external viewfinder rather than the Fuji VF-X21 because the eye point is more friendly to an eyeglass wearer like myself. Its a great accessory for those bright days when I have a hard time seeing the back display outdoors. My wrist strap of choice is the Gordy’s leather model shown.

The Minstrel In The Gallery

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Fuji X30 – 1/120 @ f/4 – ISO 200

Excuse the title but I’m a very big Jethro Tull fan🙂  Taken on a beautiful Saturday in Central Park, NYC with fellow Monochromia Contributors Laurie Buchwald, Stacy Patterson Fischer, Patti Fogerty (aka Patti Kuche) and Robyn Graham.  Thank you girls for a wonderful day.

October 15th 2016.