St-Paul West

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Montréal – ISO100 – F2.8 – 1/60 – GIMP and G’MIC

Taken in Montréal, Québec, in April 2014.

I like the heavy urban presence here. Unmovable concrete,  bricks and windows. Then we see in the middle of this stopped urban scenery two individuals following the one way.

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5 thoughts on “St-Paul West

      • Oh, Well Meho has done a fab job of it. I guess I should read the small print :D. I would guess New York to Montreal would be a speedy flight, Maybe visit in September or June…Miss the summer crowds


        • Meho has a great eye for recognizing these kind of scenes Boomdee 🙂 September is my favorite month to travel because it not overly hot so I really get to enjoy wherever I go. Montreal or Quebec would be great in the cooler weather and it should be about an hour flight.


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