Image taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max in portrait mode.

Automotive Photography, Joseph, New York, Photography

Buggin’ Out II


Fujifilm X-H1 and XF23mm f/1.4 R Lens – 1/200 @ f/5.6

Special thanks to Brandon Joseph Cross who owns this spectacular street rod.

Automotive Photography, Joseph, New York, Photography

’28 Ford Pickup

Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

Ford F-100


This is by far my favorite model year Ford pickup truck the 1956. This owner did a great job customizing this truck notice the exhaust tips exiting from the running boards.


I love the way the original wooden bed is restored on this truck.


And a little trick sheet metal work in the tailgate with some louvers. I hope you enjoy.

Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

Coupe deVille


This is a 1956 Cadillac Coupe deVille. This is when cars really started to get big. Notice the massive amounts of sheet metal and chrome.


This one also was tastefully lettered in gold along with the insignias.


Notice the full width air vent under the windshield for ventilating the interior.


These cars also drove the gas station attendants crazy because the gas filler was accessed by swinging the tail light to one side and the filler was behind it. Also take notice the dual exhaust exits from the bumper something that todays car designers think is a new idea. I hope you enjoy.

Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

1950 Ford Coupe


This is another example of a classic american hot rod. This 1950 Ford coupe also was customized with a chopped roof some trick metalwork with the rear fender skirts hiding the wheel and the suspension was also lowered to give it that sleek low rider look.


It’s all finished off with a flame paint job on top of satin black paint with some pin striping. I hope you enjoy.

Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

My Favorite Year


I am more of a Ford person but there is no denying the great looks of the 1957 Chevrolet. I think it is one of the best looking model years, and back then the manufacturers changed the body style each year.


From any angle this car just looks great.


1957 is also the year “fins” started to appear on every manufacturers auto line. These cars used to drive the gas station attendants crazy also. Notice the door in the chrome above the tail light was where the gas filler was hiding. Younger people might think “what gas attendant ?” Years ago there was a gas the attendant that pumped the fuel, checked your oil and cleaned your windshield (and that was all for 39 cents a gallon gas).


Bullets like the pair of them on this Chevy’s hood were also very popular. I hope you enjoy.

Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

1932 Ford Coupe


This deuce coupe is a little “in your face” but thats the beautiful part about the hot rod hobby, you can make them as wild as you want.


A little peek of the air filter on the small block Chevy engine.


This one also has the more classic approach to hanging the mirrors compared to yesterday’s deuce coupe.


And of course the beautifully finished dashboard and interior. I hope you enjoy.

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Automotive Photography, New York, Photography

She’s My Little Deuce Coupe


This is one of my favorite year hot rods the 1932 Ford Coupe and I always think of the Beach Boys tune “Little Deuce Coupe” when I see one.


This particular car is chopped. If you notice in the first photo the yellow deuce coupe in the background has a taller windshield. The avid hot rodders back in the day used to cut the roof off and take a few inches off the roof supports then weld it back on. Of course this meant fabricating new windows to go along with the custom metal work but it was with the effort because of the better looks they attained.


When she’s all finished you have a great example of the classic “Little Deuce Coupe”. This particular one was for sale also, hmmm. I hope you enjoy.