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She’s My Little Deuce Coupe


This is one of my favorite year hot rods the 1932 Ford Coupe and I always think of the Beach Boys tune “Little Deuce Coupe” when I see one.


This particular car is chopped. If you notice in the first photo the yellow deuce coupe in the background has a taller windshield. The avid hot rodders back in the day used to cut the roof off and take a few inches off the roof supports then weld it back on. Of course this meant fabricating new windows to go along with the custom metal work but it was with the effort because of the better looks they attained.


When she’s all finished you have a great example of the classic “Little Deuce Coupe”. This particular one was for sale also, hmmm. I hope you enjoy.


27 thoughts on “She’s My Little Deuce Coupe

    • Thank you Bruce πŸ™‚ It is more of a straight line car but then again aren’t all American cars, according to Top Gear (a show which I adore) LOL. Have a great day.


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    • It does all It needs is a driver with a white T shirt and a pack of “Lucky Strike” rolled in the sleeve πŸ™‚ have a great day Raewyn.


  2. Very sweet. You’d have to be a good shoulder checker on lane changes in this number, you wouldn’t see much out of the back window. I didn’t know they were chopping cars even back then, interesting. I love old cars……when someones already done all the hard stuff, LOL


    • HaHa back in my early years I was the guy doing all the hard stuff and the boss was making loads of money on it Petals πŸ™‚ These old rigs are sweet though πŸ™‚ Have a great evening.


  3. I’m sure it’s a pretty penny, and probably not near the $$$ that has been put into the restoration of it. I used to listen to the Beach Boys, but I associate it more with ZZ Top’s hot rod. I have photos of a bunch of classic cars from the local 4th of July parade, but I haven’t had time to process them.


    • Now that you mention it Timothy it does look like the coupe from the ZZ Top video. What was the name of that album….Eliminator ? Thanks and I can’t wait to see the shots that you took πŸ™‚ Have a great Sunday.


    • I wish I could it is beautiful but I have no garage and a fine machine like this one needs a garage :). Thanks and have a great day Meho πŸ™‚


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