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Paint It Black


26 thoughts on “Paint It Black

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Love it, Joe. The curve of the fence and the patterns in the sand. I heard about the impending storm on our news yesterday. How bad is it? Did I mention my a.c. in the car is not working? And going home from work last night was very uncomfortable. 86 degrees outside. I had to have all the windows open. Last night we slept with our bedroom window open. Actually, we have been for about a week! 😀


    • Thank you very much Emilio 😀 The storm shifted to the west so the Hudson Valley and other parts do upstate NY are in blizzard conditions right now. On Long Island we have to deal with more of a sleet, ice and wind problem in addition to the high tide cycle so there is flooding on the north and south shores. Winds are gusting to 60+ by me but out on the east end by Orient Point the news reported a gust as high as 85 mph. As far as your car goes I’m sorry to hear that you can’t use your AC in March, LOL. Is it a compressor problem or just low on freon ? If you are low on freon I would have someone with a leak detector device check the system out. If the rubber parts of the AC lines are over a certain amount of years old they tend to get porous even though they still look good (the same is true for brake hoses). Wish I lived closer because I would check the car out and fix it for you 😀


      • Emilio Pasquale says:

        I’ll be right over! Actually, my mechanic, whom I trust, looked at it a couple of months ago and there is a leak. I forget what else he mentioned. At the time he said around $500 and to wait for the summer. But in rush hour traffic at night it is hot already. So I might bring it in next week

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