Elburg, the Netherlands, The Balk Shipyard

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The history of theBalkfamily shipyard goes back tothe eighteenth century. TheBookof ResolutionElburg readsthatDriesvan derBeekaskedfor a twenty five year patent to the realization ofa slipway on April 20, 1787 in which ferries and multiplevessels can berepaired. VanderBeekleftthe shipyardconstruction on the north side ofthe harbornext to the old Helling’tje.  He workedat the shipyard until the endof the eighteenth century with twoshipwrights. One of themwas a certainTeunisGoris (born Zwartsluis).

At the beginningof the nineteenthcentury, theshipyard was owned by thefamily of ElburgerBar.The parcel was purchased bySijbrandBalk,for1220guilders on May 8, 1802 and he became the owner ofthe slip, the warehouseandkoolhok.   This marks…

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