That Moment

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Emily Laughs

I called this post “That Moment” I actually call the picture “Emily Laughs.”

Let me explain.  Some of you may have read my blog already.  If not here is a story.  The Nikon D700 had just hit the market.  A mate had one and it was the “all-singing-all-dancing” camera at that time.  I nearly purchased one.   I just happened to start reading about Leica and the M6.  That’s what I wanted my dream camera from the 80’s.  I then found out they had a new Leica MP an all manual do it yourself total contrast to the Nikon.  What I knew best then was film.  I chose the Leica.  Then the feelings of  “Have I done the right thing?”  started to worm their way into my head.  To make a long story short when I saw this picture, It was that moment I knew I had made the right choice.

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