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Love black and white images ? Visit Monochromia –
Photo by Emilio


Trust your car bw

As most of you (or maybe only some of you)  know by now,  Joe of The Visual Chronicle is the mastermind behind Monochromia!  When he saw the post I did last week on my blog, he commented:  I think it looks great and has come a long way from that blah Jpeg file. The last step would be to convert it to black and white and post it on Monochromia 🙂 And remember “you could trust your car to the man who wears the star”

So here it is, my blah Jpeg file color corrected in Lightroom to  glorious black and white. I think I prefer the color version this time but please let me know what you think! (That’s a not so sneaky way of getting those of you who have not yet visited our individual sites to go visit mine for a start,  then go visit…

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