17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

    • This is the main part of Grand Central Terminal where many movies are filmed (it has the famous information booth in the center with a big clock above it) and it is immense. In the center of this room and people are coming at you from every angle trying to get out to Pershing Square or running to connecting trains. Us New Yorkers can credit the late First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy for saving this magnificent structure from demolition. She headed a committee that was responsible for raising donations and was the driving force behind restoring and preserving this wonderful part of American history. In this shot there is an Apple Store at the top of the stairs that is open 24 hours (I think) and has no doors. You just walk up the stairs and you are in the store. Have a wonderful day Elina 🙂


  1. Truly a great choice room-wise. And your shot is so much better than the one I have in my own NYC file. It’s also reminded me how much I enjoyed a dish oysters and a Brooklyn beer in the oyster bar. Mm. That’s given me an idea…


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