19 thoughts on “Everyone Loves A Hula Hoop !

  1. I love what Laurie said because I had similar thoughts when I saw the photo. 🙂 You’ve captured the movement and joy so well Joe! Wonderful vibrant colors!


    • Thank you Elina 🙂 We were walking back to Penn Station (34th street) after visiting my wifes brother in Mount Sinai hospital (101st street) and it just so happened to be the same day as the annual Puerto Rican Day parade. We took a shortcut through Central Park to get from the East side to the West side and came out around Central Park West and 84th Street (right by the Dakota building where John Lennon lived). This was taken just before the section in the park designated “Strawberry Fields”. Have a great day 🙂


      • I am always amazed by the system of numbers instead of names for streets.. and that you can remember what number certain street is. 🙂 So cool you took that walk and captured this awesome shot!


        • It’s really confusing to most people that live here getting around in Manhattan but once you study a map of the city it makes sense. Other than a couple of oddball streets it’s laid out in a grid.

          The numbered streets begin at lower Manhattan (where the World Trade Center was) and go up as you go uptown towards Harlem. Numbered streets also start on the East River side and go up as you go towards the Hudson River and there are some named streets like Broadway and Avenue Of The Americas that also run North and South. Any numbered streets East of Central Park would be called East **** Street and West of the park would be West **** Street. There are also different sections like Little Italy and Chinatown in lower Manhattan and also sections like Greenwich Village which is a real trip (you can go into “The Village” at one o’clock in the morning and the shops will be open and people walking around like its noontime, LOL.

          You really have to visit to believe it, so keep your fingers crossed that I win, LOL.

          Have a great evening Elina 🙂


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