16 thoughts on “Water Pump !

  1. Very cool! And, hmm… I’m lost with all your Fujis now… you have a x100s? I’ve been reading a lot of (good) reviews on it this week. 🙂 A great photo, the bokeh really brings out the pump which is just excellent!


    • Thanks Elina, I really was not planning on buying the X100s but we have a great used camera trade here in New York and this one was listed local to me. It was about 6 months old with 3300 clicks on it and they guy just could not get used to a fixed lens camera so he sold it to me for $800 Dollars, with the receipt and all. It’s a good thing I have some what I call “play money” available that I have squirreled away (money that has nothing to do with the household budget). I like the 23mm lens (it works out to about a 35mm equivalent) so it’s perfect for street shots.


      • You are so lucky to have a good used camera trade there. 🙂 This camera indeed is perfect for street photography. It would be so great to try it out but for now I am still sticking to one camera. One day I’d like to have additionally a smaller, less visible and more silent camera for street shots.


        • We are lucky to have a high turnover with people buying cameras then deciding they are not comfortable with them and being so close to Manhattan (everybody and their uncle is a photographer in there). Unfortunately with such a brisk camera trade there is plenty of opportunity for scammers too. There is a guy in Chelsea selling every brand of Fuji with all the manuals software and cables, but no boxes. Maybe they are not imported through Fuji or maybe they are refurbs or even stolen because they are too cheap to be for real. Either way whoever buys them will get screwed when they have to get them serviced.


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