The model is my friend Terri Claire and the camera was Fuji X-H1 with 56mm f/1.2

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Joseph, New York, Photography

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Joseph, New York, Photography

Once Upon A Time

Over the past century Long Island has been the breeding ground for quite a few world famous companies.  We all know the airplane wasn’t invented here on Long Island but it certainly matured here with companies like Curtiss Aircraft, Sperry Gyroscope, Grumman and Republic Aviation.

Those of you like myself who are also fellow audiophiles will remember companies like Marantz which was started in an apartment in Kew Gardens Queens, or two engineers who were employed by the Bogen corporation by the names of Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon that founded Harman/Kardon in Plainview, Long Island.

I am sure there are plenty of companies I failed to mention but lets see how many of you remember this company which was started in West Islip Long Island. I remember this company because I was always a motorhead and loved race cars of any type and at one point most every race car used these fasteners to quickly remove body panels.

The name of the company is Dzus Fastener Company (pronounced Zues)


These fasteners were not invented for race cars they were originally designed for aircraft to be able quickly disassemble fuselage sections for service purposes.  The factory is now abandoned but the company still lives on in another location.


This is a photo what used to be the guard shack where all visitors and business people would have to check in.


Here is a photo that was shot through the glass of the guard shack natural destruction process taking place.


Everything at this abandoned location seems to be frozen in time like everyone left in a hurry.


In typical government contractor fashion the windows are painted so passers by cannot see the manufacturing process.

DzusRevised (1 of 1)

Here is an old gear driven hoist that has been left to rust away.


An old rusting sign indicating which way to the receiving dock.


If you are interested here is more information on the Dzus Fastener Corporation click – here.