I was photographing a march that originated at Columbus Circle in NYC when I spotted a former member of “The Fab Four” in the crowd. To make a long story short I did get to meet and talk with Sir Paul for a few minutes but I thought the look this NYPD officer gave me when I was approaching Paul was priceless LOL.

Joseph, New York, Photography

Priceless Look


7 thoughts on “Priceless Look

    • Thank you Alys. He was surprisingly gracious and talkative. He seemed like just a regular guy. There were other famous people at the march also like Liev Schreiber and Billy Jean King.


      • Joe, I think you make it easy for people to talk to you. You have an easy-going way about you. I’m glad to hear he was gracious. We saw him interviewed by Colbert a year or two ago, and he seemed so genuine.


  1. What an amazing day you had my friend! I think it’s cool that Sir Paul just joins a crowd, but I kind of wish he was more cautious. You never know what someones intentions are these days, even the harmless looking ones 😘

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