For the past 2 months I have been going for 1 to 2 mile morning walks to get in a little exercise and also to clear my head. This morning while walking through my neighborhood I came across this VW Super Beetle. From the looks of the bumpers I believe this is a 1973 (which was the first year 5 mph bumpers were required). This Beetle brings back so many fond memories of my youth because in 1973 I purchased my first new car which was ironically a 1973 VW Super Beetle. For those of you that are not VW Beetle fans the Super Beetle featured a curved windshield, redesigned dashboard and a blower motor to control the heat output (very high end for a Beetle). Regular Beetle’s featured a flat windshield and the more conventional convection heating system. Both systems were still controlled by 2 levers in between the front seats but there was much less chance of your breath fogging up the front windshield on hot humid summer days and cold winter mornings. Photo was taken with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Buggin’ Out


11 thoughts on “Buggin’ Out

  1. Joe, good for you getting out there and walking each morning. It’s great exercise and an excellent way to be alone with your thoughts. I never owned a new VW Bug, but I bought a used one with a customized, bright orange paint job. My sister Sharon’s first car was also a VW Bug. Her’s was originally baby blue, but she had it customized to a royal purple. She loved that car! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and as always, great photo.

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    • Thank you Alys 😊 My first VW was actually a 1500 (more commonly known as a type 3). I drove that for a few years and loved it so much that when I had a chance to buy a new car it had to be a Beetle. Back in the day almost everyone that owned a VW added their own personal custom touches to the cars. I think most people who drove VW’s had more of a personal connection with their cars than other makes of vehicles.


  2. Luggage rack atop the roof, upgraded wheels, great paint job, chrome, eyebrows over the headlights, rear engine, and on-and-on. Great ride and photograph. Air cooled engine and constant valve adjusting were a bit of a negative, but the SB was fast and fun.

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  3. Be still my sunshine filled heart ! What a sweet ride, look at all that shiney chrome! 🌼 Hi ya Joe ! Don’t you wish you still had your 73 VW Beetle ? I’ve always wanted a vintage Beetle and if I won the lottery, I would buy one and paint it Seafoam/Mint Greenish Blue with a giant white flower on the hood and a round pink peace sign as the center of the flower. Sounds specific right? Well I’ve been planning it since I was 13, LOL

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    • Hi Kelly 😊 Your wishes don’t seem too specific if you won the lottery LOL. I really do wish I still had my Super Beetle. It was such a cool little car and it got great gas mileage. It also was awesome in the snow.

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