I was sorting through some old images and came across this one and stopped in my tracks. I realized the person wearing the red flannel shirt in the background is no longer with us. This image is about six years old and it was taken after a four hour photo walk with my dear late friend Patricia Fogarty. Patti was also one of the original seven Main Contributors on our black and white only website Monochromia. Patti was a great street photographer and I learned so much from her. One of the best things about going into Manhattan to shoot with Patti was enjoying a cold IPA (or maybe a few) afterwards and talking for hours. From our start as photo bloggers we became the best of friends in real life. I miss you Patti.

To view Patti’s contributions to Monochromia click – here

Joseph, New York, Photography

Feeling Melancholy


13 thoughts on “Feeling Melancholy

    • I’m glad you and Kelly (and Laurie at a different time) were able to meet Patti also. She was quite a character once you got to really know her 😊 Patti’s husband Mark set up a tribute site about a year ago if you care to take a look. There are a lot of interesting stories here – http://www.pattifogalife.com


      • Joe, thank you for sharing this link. I’ve just been to the site, and read Mark’s posts, along with yours and Laurie’s. Patti was a remarkable woman, so full of life. I can’t imagine losing a child as an infant. My heart goes out to her family for that unthinkable loss. I turn 63 this October; Patti would be 64 in September. I wish I could have known her better. We were contemporaires, born on opposite sides of the world and connected through you.

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        • Thank you Alys 😊 Mark did a great job on the site and stories about Patti. I didn’t know any of the things about Patti that Mark wrote about. Mark is a great guy. Terry and i only met him once when we had the Monochromia blogger get together in Manhattan a few years ago. Laurie and Stacy met him also. Patti and Mark truly belonged together. All you have to do is read Mark’s text and you can tell it was truly written from his heart. I’m so glad I got to know Patti and was able to meet up with her practically any time I made a trip into Manhattan. Even if it was for a few short years I feel that my life was truly enriched by knowing Patti.


  1. So sorry you lost such a great friend and colleague. One consolation is that you have great memories of Pattie and the knowledge she imparted to you. Those things will last forever.

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