Happy Halloween
Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Image taken with a Fuji X100T

Joseph, Photography

Spooky Day


11 thoughts on “Spooky Day

  1. Eeep, that’s an odd looking ‘castle’ . Would you stay overnight with just a lantern for light? Is it near a train line? The reason I ask is it looks very sooty. In Cologne Germany they’re cleaning the outside of the cathedral because in the beginning of the last century, the trains caused a lot of pollution. So half the church looks bright and clean and parts are dirty. Happy Halloween Joe and Terry ! πŸŽƒ

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    • Happy Halloween Kelly 😊 I believe the former owner was an oddball and when I read up on the history it seems that he wanted different size windows and doors installed for each room LOL. It’s right next to Moravian Pottery and Tile Works which was also owned by the former owner of the castle.

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    • Thank you Klausbernd. It’s definitely strange as was the owner who specified different size windows and doors for every room 😊 Happy Halloween to The Fab Four of Clay also.

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