After a shitty week where everything that could have possibly went wrong my wife and I decided to go to a local pub and have some cocktails and a bite to eat. We chose to visit The Villager which is located at 262 Deer Park Avenue in Babylon, Long Island.

I’m by no means a “foodie” and I usually don’t blog about establishments we choose to eat at but this time will be an exception. The staff were exceptionally friendly and the rustic look of the establishment really fits with the casual mood of what a pub should be. What we expected were ice cold cocktails and typical pub food. What we got were ice cold cocktails and exceptional food. We started the afternoon with an item on their shareable menu called Gouda Fries which consisted of waffle fries, gouda sauce, bacon and scallions. The fries and bacon bits were crispy (by crispy I mean perfectly cooked not soggy) and the gouda sauce was tasty. Raw scallions topped the fries and added a nice dimension to the dish. The serving size was generous and it probably would have been enough for my wife and I to stop there but now we were intrigued. My wife ordered the Southern Fried Chicken sandwich which can be found on the menu link I will provide later in this post and I decided on the Peppercorn Crusted Steak Sammy. When the food arrived we were once again pleasantly surprised with the serving size but the best was yet to come.

We were about halfway through our meals when we looked up at each other and asked how everything tasted. My wife’s response was delicious and I believe my response was f**king great. The sirloin steak was marinated and cooked to perfection. The combination of mozzarella cheese, asiago cheese, fried onions, arugula on the roasted garlic ciabatta provided a great balance of flavors and the horseradish aioli combined with cherry peppers provided the perfect amount of heat.

Now being we were just out on a Friday afternoon after a miserable week I didn’t have any of my cameras with me but I did have my iPhone 12 Pro Max with me so I took a quick image of the Peppercorn Crusted Steak Sammy. I honestly didn’t think our outing would turn into a blog post so I didn’t take any images of my wife’s meal or the shareable gouda fries but I wish I did. The iPhone image I took really doesn’t do justice to how great this meal was.

As I mentioned previously The Villager is a pub so the list of craft beers on tap is very long  (I believe the number is 25). They also feature cocktails for those who aren’t into craft beers. My wife ordered the Vanilla Hazelnut Loaded Iced Coffee and she loved it. I believe her exact words were  “If I had a pitcher of these at home it would be dangerous”.

So what’s the moral of the story ? No matter how bad a week you might be having sometimes you don’t have to look that far and wide for a great pub with exceptional food. Sometimes it’s only a matter of looking right in your own back yard. We will definitely be revisiting The Villager in the near future. I can give it my highest recommendation.

I tip my hat to the entire staff at The Villager in Babylon, cheers !

Here is a link to The Villager menu –

Joseph, New York, Photography

The Villager – A Pleasant Surprise


9 thoughts on “The Villager – A Pleasant Surprise

    • Thanks Ray. There seems to be a new generation of restaurant and pub entrepreneurs in Babylon. I remember for many years seeing the same old restauraunts but that’s all changing now.

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      • Hi Joe, I think that gentrification is everywhere now. Even in New Orleans, where there is a particular kind of Creole cooking we are starting see new restaurant that are a little too trendy for many of us.

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        • I agree the gentrification is everywhere now Ray. In the case of Babylon I think its a good thing because the previous generation of restauranteurs were a little out of touch with their old and stale menu’s. I agree with you with the trendy aspect also. Great food is welcomed but trendy usually comes and goes.

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