Fujifilm X-T4 and XF 16-80 WR Lens

Joseph, New York, Photography

Brightwaters Canal


10 thoughts on “Brightwaters Canal

  1. Gale Angela Toney says:

    I love how this one draws your eye to the center starting out wide and then almost vanishing at the center. Lots of other interesting things to see as your eyes travel along the way like the ripple in the water moving toward you and the different textures in the water along the way. The sky also made a big impact on the overall beauty here. You were definitely in the right place at the right time for this one. Perfect!

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    • Thank you Kelly 😊 Slim chance of me getting into a canoe LOL. This is a canal that leads into the Great South Bay. Most of the south shore of the island has canals like these and there are loads of waterfront homes. Some of the canals are in the backyards of homes where the homeowners have their own private dock space for their boats. The north shore of the island is more hilly and rocky and boat owners usually have to use rowboats to row out to where their bigger boats are moored in the inlets to the Long Island Sound. We are basically surrounded by water on Long Island. The only times that these homeowners on the south shore have to worry is during nor’easter storms when the Atlantic Ocean breaches the barrier island (Fire Island) and the water spills over into the bay. Then the water levels exceed the capacity of these docks to hold the water back and they experience flooding.

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      • Oh gosh, I just watched an Amanpour the other night about the nation of Kiribati. An island in the South Pacific, slowly being drown due to climate change. I think living oceanfront (or ocean adjacent) is a bit precarious today. Then there was that giant section of hwy 1 that washed into the Pacific near Big Sur a few weeks ago. Like that land must have been so saturated. I might be overthinking the whole scenario but now I’m too chicken to be on that hwy :/

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        • I’m in agreement Kelly. I think living oceanfront is a bit risky these days. Luckily I live in the middle of the island between north and south shores so I guess you might say I live on high ground LOL.

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