Fujifilm X-H1 And Carl Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8

Joseph, New York, Photography

Sunset Silhouette


11 thoughts on “Sunset Silhouette

  1. John Ames says:

    Hi Joe…I just bit a substantial financial bullet and bought a Fuji T3 with a 23mm f.2 lens. Knowing your skill with Fuji cameras, I was wondering whether you might know of a good Fuji oriented book or website that I might turn to for reference? (PS I am sorely tempted by the jpeg ACROS file format.) Thanks very much, John


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    • Congratulations on your purchase John welcome to the club. I don’t know of any books other than the usual so called “Learning The Fuji X-T?” books at the local book stores. I think the best sources for information are the Fuji and Fuji X websites, Fuji Love magazine and the various Fuji groups on Facebook. Please do try the ACROS simulation. You will get a B&W preview in the electronic viewfinder and you can use the exposure compensation dial to tailor your final image. Best of luck with your new camera.


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