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The Roaring 20’s


3 thoughts on “The Roaring 20’s

  1. Gale A. Giordano Toney says:

    That’s really cool! You are right about what you said about Louis Mendez. I didn’t actually remember the face, but I did remember that camera haha. I hope you and Terry have a Merry Christmas. I’m sitting this one out this year, no decorating! I’m worn out and have to many projects to work on but I’ll keep smiling! ☺️


  2. Great shot! It really does look like it was from the roaring 20’s! The only thing that gives it away is it doesn’t have the vintage finish, but you could easily do that! I think I recognize that guy from another picture you posted once but I could be wrong.

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    • Thank you Gale 🙂 This was taken on a holiday train that the NYC rolls out every Christmas season. Its a restored 1920’s subway train with authentic period advertisements and they urge people that ride the train to dress in period correct clothing. I think the other person you are thinking of is Louis Mendez a famous street photographer who also uses one of these old Speed Graphic cameras.


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