Image taken with a Fuji X100F and TCL-X100 II lens

The model is Terri Claire and to see more of her work please visit her website –

Joseph, New York, Photography

That Look


5 thoughts on “That Look

  1. Is she breaking in or breaking out? Lol. Very pretty model. I like the style of clothing she is wearing. Reminds me of that old tv show “Dark Shadows”. I used to watch it everyday at 4:00 after school. I visited her website and saw her work and photos you and Gregg took of her. Very nice!

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    • Trying to break in Gale LOL 🙂 Terri is a pleasure to work with and she has a great personality. All of her wardrobe is her own and from what I understand its huge. She does have some incredible work on her website I wish I had taken some of the shots the other photographers did. Hopefully weather permitting we will be shooting with Terri again tomorrow. Thank you.


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