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Joseph, New York, Photography

The Nightfly


7 thoughts on “The Nightfly

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  2. Is that Terry? And look at the size of those pretzels!! Wow! I can’t deal with shopping in crowded places anymore. Now I just shop online, haha. We’re freezing here in Florida. It hit 39 degrees last night and will be 34 tomorrow night. Low 60’s during the day which is probably like spring to you guys. Have fun!

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    • The pretzels look great don’t they Gale πŸ˜€ Its not Terry it’s just someone who was hungry in the cold snowy weather. This was at a street vendors cart just before we got to Times Square. By We I mean Gregg and a couple of contributors from Monochromia – Martha, Mel and Patti. We were on our way back from the Me Too NYC rally. We were all pretty much soaked and freezing from the wet snowfall but we kept shooting, LOL.


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