Fuji X100F – 1/1250 @ f/8 – ISO 200

Joseph, New York, Photography

Postcard From Montauk


22 thoughts on “Postcard From Montauk

  1. LB says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to visit this place.
    Someday, I’m thinking I won’t be able to fit it in until 2020, but I am riding to upstate NY and I’ll visit you and Terry on the way home. You can take me here!
    How’s that for an invitation!

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    • Thank you very much Emilio 😀 It’s been about 15 years since the last time I was at this beach. Every time I visit it gets smaller from storm erosion (but there’s no such thing as climate change).


      • Emilio Pasquale says:

        But here’s the thing…. What if it IS just a big hoax, and we create a better world for nothing? (Not mine. I borrowed that from an editorial cartoon I saw!)

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        • LOL I guess there could be positives to everything Emilio 🙂 I live smack in the middle of the Island, between the north and south shores. I guess if I live long enough I’ll have waterfront property 😎


          • Emilio Pasquale says:

            True. Remember my old house in Long Beach? When we first moved into it, the bay met the ocean in our front rooms. Just enough to ruin the rugs, but still. Oh, and our car was totaled.

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