Fuji X30 – 1/120 @ f/4 – ISO 200

Excuse the title but I’m a very big Jethro Tull fan πŸ™‚ Β Taken on a beautiful Saturday in Central Park, NYC with fellow Monochromia Contributors Laurie Buchwald, Stacy Patterson Fischer, Patti Fogerty (aka Patti Kuche) and Robyn Graham. Β Thank you girls for a wonderful day.

October 15th 2016.

Joseph, Music, New York, Photography

The Minstrel In The Gallery


26 thoughts on “The Minstrel In The Gallery

  1. Hah, Jethro Tull again! I knew it!
    By the way, what’s your opinion on the Fuji X30? Had one, sold it, wanted to buy another… can’t make up my mind. Well now that I’m 100% analog the question is futile…. or not, I wonder? X30, GRII, X70.. so many great cameras around…

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    • I told you I was a big “Tull” fan Frank πŸ™‚ I own the X30, X70, X-T1 and the X-Pro 2 and they all are very different cameras. As an all around well rounded camera I think the X30 is great. I wouldn’t use it for any sort of night photography or high ISO use because of the smaller sensor size but for street shooting or travel photography its tough to beat. The X70 is more of a street shooters camera simular to the Ricoh GR II, big sensor and a fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens. I guess it would be good for travel also but if you are used to switching lenses this might not be for everyone. The great thing about the X70 is you could throw it in your pocket. I have images that I have taken with the Fuji X30 scattered on all three of my sites. I am satisfied with the camera and can accept whatever limitations it has because I have other cameras to use in different situations. I think its hard to beat its usability, tack sharp lens, fast focusing and film simulations for the price. I hope this helps.

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      • Oh man, digital rrears it’s ugly head again! I liked the X30 for even these reasons – it’s the most versatile camera ever! Let’s see what the future will bring…. Thanks for the advice


    • Thank you so much Laurie πŸ™‚ The little Fuji X30 is great for grab and go shots. I’m looking forward to seeing your shot because you are so modest its probably better than mine πŸ™‚


    • Thank you so much Kathy πŸ˜€ We did have a lot of fun for those two days we were together. I have been to almost all of the Jethro Tull concerts in Madison Square Garden and the Nassau coliseum and what a great live performer he is. We originally entered Central Park by the Dakota Building and walked straight into Strawberry Fields. There were a lot of street musicians playing Lennon music and artists drawing portraits of people. We came across this guy painting shitty portraits (that was the actual name) and we were laughing all the way to the Boathouse bar and restaurant πŸ˜‚

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