Fuji X-Pro 2 and XF 18-55 R LM OIS Lens – 1/500 @ f/4 – ISO 400

Joseph, New York, Photography



10 thoughts on “Backlit

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    OK, Joe. You got me. This flower shot is GORGEOUS! OK, maybe that’s too much? Dial it down a little. This flower shot is not bad. Yes, that’s better.


    • Thank you very much Emilio 😀 As you probably already summized I sprung for the 24 megapixel X-Pro 2. I would like to tell you it’s all the camera but to be honest the X-T1 could have reproduced the shot the same way. I’m a little partial to the rangefinder style cameras i.e. X100T and X-Pro 2 because I like the optical and electronic viewfinders on them. No worries I’ll still show my X-T1 some love from time to time 😀

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    • Thank you Victor 🙂 Good luck with your Fuji. There is a little bit of a learning curve to get used to the external controls but once you get used to it I think you will love it. Try the JPEGS and the film simulation you might never shoot RAW again 🙂

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