Leica D-Lux (type 109) – 1/60 @ f/6.6 – ISO 200

Joseph, New York, Photography

The Cleanup


25 thoughts on “The Cleanup

  1. Emilio Pasquale says:

    Is this the hospital you’ve taken a few photos of in the past? Did you finally go in? Or, more precisely, did they finally let you out? 🙂

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    • LMAO this is just an old storage room at Lloyd Manor Emilio 😊 The door was open so I invited myself in. All of the images from Kings Park Hospital were taken from the outside. If they catch you in there you can get arrested. Plus I don’t know if you noticed in recent pictures of me but my waist line isn’t what it once was 😜 Plus with all the lead paint and loose asbestos flying around in there I wouldn’t dare go in without a hazmat suit and respirator.


  2. The light flowing into this room is really spectacular. You couldn’t ask for better. It is soft yet it highlights all the peeling paint, cracks and everything else in the image. Your image is the one good thing in that whole nasty mess!

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