Guest Post – Anne-Cécile Gohier’

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It gives me great pleasure to introduce this talented young lady who is interested in photography at such a young age. She originally discovered Monochromia by following one of our Main Contributors Elina. I hope you enjoy this post and future posts by Anne-Cécile Gohier’

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Hello, my name is Anne-Cécile Gohier’, and I grew up in France in the pretty town of “Maine et Loire”. I’m a young lady who is sixteen years old and I am absolutely in love with books, it’s sort of my escape. I also like drawing very much, and of course photography is a part of my life now. I think I caught the photography bug from my father who also enjoys taking pictures.

On Christmas day of 2013 I received my first camera. I am still in the process of learning every day and my camera comes with me everywhere in all my travels…

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