Sint Nicolaas

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St. Nicholashistory:

To savethree poorsistersof prostitution, Saint Nicholasthrew threepurseswith moneythrough the window, sothe girlscould still be married.Ourgingerbreaddollsand chocolate coinsrefer to thisstory.The veneration oftheholy bishopSaint Nicholashas a long tradition.

WhetherSt. Nicholaswas a real personis not entirelysure, but thereis a good chance. Thehistorical figurethatmodelwould have beenfortheDutchSinterklaaswasbornaccording to legend,around 270AD inthe port ofPataraintheGreek province ofLyciain Asia Minor(nowTurkey).His GreeknameNikolaosmeans “conqueror of the people”. Hebecame bishop ofMyra andwould bedeceasedon 6 December340.

During his lifehe would havevisitedincludeJerusalem.Abouthis actions asbishopwentquicklywondrousstories…

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