25 thoughts on “The Wonder Of Autumn – Part Seven

  1. Hi Joe, I’ve been on tour through the fall foilage here at TVC and just can’t imagine how beautiful it must be all around you. Seems like you get the most of many seasons in your neck of the woods. Beaches, sand dunes, ocean waves, calm bays and now that it’s fall, stunning leaves. Maybe you know, were all the oak and maple native to the area when American settlers arrived? Or have they been naturalized on the coast? I think the pacific coast was probably more conifers than any thing else. Can you image, 300 years ago, how peaceful it was for the indiginous people of the area? We are in the grips of an arctic chill for the past 5 days. -20C this morning…please feel sorry for me, LOL. Cheers my friend.


    • Thank you very much Boomdee πŸ™‚ We do have a lot to be grateful for here on Long Island. It really is beautiful any season, but the spring, summer and fall seasons really are my favorite for images. I do believe the oak and maple are native to this area along with a lot of pine trees. 50 years ago we were mostly farmland with the potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage farms dominating both the north and south forks of eastern Long Island. They have given way to vineyards because of the unique microclimate of the east end forks with plenty of heat during the day and cool breeze in the evening from the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Long Island Sound on the other. It seems to be perfect for growing grapes. It really must have been beautiful 300 years ago for the indigenous people and early settlers.

      The Polar Vortex is coming our way starting tonight and temperatures are really supposed to take a nosedive. I do feel sorry for you 😦
      Thank you again and bundle up if you go out.

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      • Polar Vortex is one cranky weather phenom….I shall bundle up, thank you. You too! I was reading the Canadian Farmers Almanac at the news stand to see what it said about this winter. The prairies are to be “Cold and Snowy’ ….I thought, “no kidding, so normal I guess”. LOL. xoK

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        • The Farmers Almanac must have it easy with the “cold and snowy” prediction or as you said “normal” LOL. Maybe one year they will surprise you and say “unseasonably warm and balmy” πŸ™‚ You never know with climate change ! Have a great day.

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  3. Wonderful shots Joe ! I’ve read your opinion on your new toy Fuji, it’s really a great camera…
    Unfortunately too much expensive for me. About 1000 € !!!
    Ciao ciao


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