Pine Valley Chapel

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Pine Valley Chapel

I have a problem with Baptism, especially in the Mormon faith. I am not a Mormon, nor a very religious person. I have prayed, but not for myself. Those moments I feel closest to a deity is when I am out in nature, never in a church, temple, or chapel. When I was much younger, I remember walking into St. Patrick’s Cathedral and whispering, “oh, my God” at the magnificence of the interior. My ears were dutifully boxed by my father! (I did not press charges as no permanent damage was sustained.) So, as for baptism in the Mormon faith it occurs when the child is 8 years old and said child has shown faith and repentance. Repentance of what? What has a child of 8 accomplished, good or bad, that he or she must repent? And does an eight year old have faith? Or does he/she attend church/temple because his/her parent says he/she…

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