Not So Still Life.

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Photo by David !


20140527-untitled shoot

This picture is rather appropriate. I don’t know about you but I’m a Bee photographically speaking.  I’ve never been able to settle on one film, one camera, and one lens.  I flit from camera to camera and between lenses and analog and digital just like a Bee buzzing around flowers. I just don’t settle.  It’s a strain on the pocket, and it means I have never mastered any type of photography thoroughly.  I’ve tried to settle, I really have. It just gets boring. One thing I have had to do is stop reading reviews of new lenses and equipment and concentrate on what I have on hand.  Film is a little different.  I have all kinds and I love to experiment.  Although again I have never gone the one film route.  I choose a film I know for each task.  Which brings me to this shot of a Dandelion.  Taraxacum…

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