19 thoughts on “The Wonder Of Autumn – Part Two

    • I am loving the Fuji 55-200. The image stabilization is crazy good and the optics are sharp. I sold my Nikon 80-400 AFS G VR and I am selling my Nikon 70-300 and that’s how much I like the Fuji. I am only keeping shorter faster primes for my Nikon D610 and I can’t wait until Fuji comes out with something longer. Actually to be honest if the opportunity comes up I will sell all of the Nikon gear.


      • jlmphotos says:

        Thanks Joe

        If I didn’t think id take a bath I too would sell the Nikon gear.

        I looked. At the new 50-140 but something so heavy and large, to me, defeats the purpose of a light kit. I’m definitely considering the 55-200 at 1/3rd the price!


        • Thanks J, I didn’t want to take a bath either so I ended up trading to someone who had the Fuji gear I wanted. Here is the post – https://joeinfocus.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/you-asked-for-it-dslr-or-mirrorless/
          I am in no way badmouthing any camera system I still love Nikon gear. It was just a matter of what fits my needs at this time. The 55-200 is a sweet lens and is one of my favorites. I agree the 50-140 sort of defeats the purpose of a compact system. I really wish either Fuji or Zeiss would come out with a teleconverter. Have a great day 🙂


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