August Come Back

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Photo by Robyn !


August Come Back August Come Back

SS 1/1000  f 5.6  ISO 200

It’s October, and I love fall, the cooler temperatures, the foliage, the smell in the air, the clouds – all of it…but, I long, from now until March, for the longer days and sunshine.  Do you?  Or, do you embrace the shorter, darker days?

To see this beautiful creature in her natural, colorful state visit my personal blog: Robyn Graham Photography.  Which do you like the better?

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4 thoughts on “August Come Back

  1. LB says:

    and since you asked, I truly do love all seasons. Right when I am getting weary of one season, the next one shows up. There is just something so lovely about fall though, isn’t there? okay and spring 🙂


    • LB says:

      well now, Joe, it seems that in my haste to get caught up on everyone’s blogs I posted a comment for Robyn here 🙂 Sigh … I’ll get it together!


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