Guest Post – Mats GT Levander

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Photo by Mats !


Post it Stockholm  by Mats Levander

This posting place is one of the concrete columns under the bridge Liljeholmsbron in Stockholm. It is a popular but illegal posting place, most of the posters are from small independent theatre groups, music events, concerts & artists. It is located on the Södermalm side of the bridge, recently labelled by Vogue magazine as one of the three coolest quarters in the world.

Hello, my name is Mats. I was born in Helsingborg, Sweden some 50+ years ago and live in Windsor, Berkshire just outside London, UK since 2007. I have a passion and interest for visual arts in general and for photography in particular. It provides a good balance to my hectic everyday job in marketing within the IT-industry.

Christmas 2004 I bought a second hand 35mm SLR camera as a present for my son. He is now a professional cinematographer and photographer. His interest, enthusiasm and creativity inspired…

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