Love in Paris

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Photo by Stacy !


Bride and groom on Île Saint Louis, Paris, with the River Seine in the background.This photo, in color, was among the first photos I posted to thought I would revisit it with my “B&W eyes.”

While approaching the tip of Île Saint Louis in Paris with my husband and daughter, we spied this bride and groom posing for photographs. The wedding dress just took my breath away, and with the backdrop of the Seine, I just had to take a photo.

Now, four years later, I realize this was my first attempt at street photography, before I was even aware there was such a thing. I remember very quickly raising my camera to my eye, snapping the picture, and just as quickly walking away. I thought for certain someone was going to come up behind me and grab my camera out of my hands, yelling at me in French that I had done something illegal. But of course, they were paying…

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