Guest Post: Wade Hewitt

Love black and white images ? Visit Monochromia –
Photo by Wade !


This is the seventh installment of our Guest Blogger series and I would like to introduce Wade Hewitt. He says he is a newbie to photography but his images do not reflect this. I hope you enjoy his introduction and visit his website.


Believe it or not we actually do have stars, the kind in the sky not actors, in LA. I wasn’t sure if it was possible, but I was able to capture the Milky Way as a beautiful backdrop for a lifeguard station at the beach in Santa Monica.

My name is Wade but I also go by SamoBiker. As the nickname implies I’m a cyclist from Santa Monica, California. Photography is relatively new to me compared to cycling but it’s starting to get more and more of my time. I really love it when I can combine my two passions.

I gave my wife a camera back…

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