MS Lord Selkirk II

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ShipTwo (1 of 1)

ShipOne (1 of 1)

Years ago, this 176 foot long ship sailed the Red River and Lake Winnipeg and was one of the largest passenger vessels in western Canada. Now, the rusting and slowly decaying hulk of the MS Lord Selkirk II rests and waits. Either she’ll be scrapped (which was the plan years ago) or will certainly continue to sink and roll over (or be the victim of another arsonist). This is the first time I’ve photographed the ship and I’ll likely head out again when I have more time, perhaps in winter, when the snow should create an interesting backdrop to the eerie looking remnant.

Colour photos of the ship can be seen here:
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One thought on “MS Lord Selkirk II

  1. Kind of a shame to see a vessel in this state of decay. I guess it must not have been worth maintaining. I actually wondered who Lord Selkirk was so just spent 15 minutes reading several Canadian History sites. Interesting guy. Thanks for bringing him to my attention. I like the birds in your second photo and their wings frozen in flight.


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