18 thoughts on “White Swan

  1. LB says:

    Joe, this is stunning! Not only is the reflection of the swan in the water clear and beautiful, the light reflected on the feathers of the swan are incredible. I swear you make me want to put my camera down.


  2. This is a beautiful shot! The lighting is superb. I love the way you captured the ripple in the water in front of the swan and also the light bands that appear across the swans back which looks like they might be the suns reflection on the water shining on the swans body. Great Job!!


  3. smackedpentax says:

    Great shot Joe…I pass several swans every morning on my way to work (and of course, every evening to). They are on the river Wharfe which runs past my door. I love it when the take off – they sort of run across the water flapping their wings for ages before the get lift.


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