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Poison Ivy


Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 Lens – 1/300 @ f/2.0 – ISO 200

Have you ever started to take a photo then realize something was terribly wrong while you were in the middle of your shot.  After I took the camera down from my eye I was sure I was smack in the middle of this poison ivy (actually poison sumac) and I would be scratching for days.  Luckily I was about an inch away.  I hope you enjoy.



31 thoughts on “Poison Ivy

  1. It’s a great photo and very interesting because of the ivy in the window. So that’s what poison ivy looks like? I wouldn’t know it if I was standing in it. Glad you were just far enough away 🙂


    • Thank you Joanne I’m glad I was far enough too 🙂 I think this was actually poison sumac but you have to be careful of any wild plant with 3 leaves that are kind of shiny because they are probably poison something 🙂


      • That was exactly my approach last year when I was hiking the Bruce Trail end to end. It is known for poison ivy (and the only poisonous snake in Ontario). Because I can’t seem to differentiate poison ivy, I simply treated any ‘suspect’ plant with extreme respect 🙂


  2. LB says:

    Okay, I’m just going to give up on photography.
    wow do I love this!
    And by the way … did you come to my yard and photograph that? I am growing a beautiful patch!


  3. I don’t think we have Poison Ivy in Panama. The leaf looks so innocent, that it’s easy to get hurt if you can’t recognize it as a dangerous plant. Thank your for your botanical information and giving us as a dessert an exquisite picture. Can’t get any better than this. Congrats!


  4. I have no idea what poison ivy or poison sumac does to you – but it is obviously not nice, so I am glad you were an inch away! This is another of those ‘Wow!’ shots that you are so good at getting. Something that my eye may have slid over without a second glance suddenly becomes something that is arresting and powerful and thought provoking. I love this photo!


    • Thank you Pauline 🙂 Poison ivy or sumac has oils on the leaves so when you brush up against them makes your skin break out and creates rashes that have to be treated with antihistamines and lotions and take quite some time to heal. Have a great evening 🙂


  5. smackedpentax says:

    Great shot Joe…I remember Poison Ivy from my time in Canada, but fortunately we don’t have it here in the UK. The closest we have are Nettles, but they sting and only last a few minutes.


  6. Hello Joe,
    What a cool photo, I love the composition, and the combination of shattered glass + poison ivy is very interesting indeed. I am glad to know you did not step into the poison ivy (yikes) 🙂 To answer your question, I was shooting a dragonfly near a pond, and there was that terrible moment when I realised I’d lost my balance and was about to fall in a very undignified way. Fortunately, my husband was there to grab onto me just in time 😀 Ah, the things we go through in search of that ever-elusive perfect shot! Sorry for the ramble 😉


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