Guest Post – Alex Markovich – Part One

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Photo by Alex !


This sixth installment of the Guest Post series I would like to introduce Alex Markovich. I also want to do something a little different and that is post a different photo from him over the period of the next three weeks. So make sure to look for his work on Tuesdays for the next three weeks posting at 1:00 PM New York time.

We have had an overwhelming response from people that would like to display their work here on Monochromia. My original idea with this photoblog was to bring people together from all over the world no matter what their beliefs or customs for one common goal, black and white images.  It certainly seems like it’s a popular idea from the requests.

AlexOne (1 of 1)

Hi! I am Alex Markovich.  I am 36 years old and live in Belgorod, Russia.

I my interest in photography first surfaced during my early years.  My…

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