Guest Post – Jean H. Herskovits

Love black and white images ? Visit Monochromia –
Photo by Jean H. Herskovits


Jean H. Herskovits is featured in our fifth installment of our guest post series. Jean uses a Nikon D90 camera and also is an avid user of his mobile phone a Samsung Galaxy S1 for images.


My name is Jean and I was born in Bucharest, Romania.  In 1969 my family moved from Romania to Paris, France when I was six years old..

I still speak Romanian and have recently spent six years in Bucharest as an expat, from 2004 to 2010.  You can say I have two cultures, but the French one is predominant.

I bought my first camera which was a second-hand Olympus OM-1 with my first wages from a summer job, in 1985 or 86, and started shooting regularly.

If you are from a generation old enough to remember these silver paper times, you will probably also remember that B&W was way cheaper than color photography.  So…

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