26 thoughts on “Rusty Tie Down

  1. Captivating! Love the use of depth of field to accentuate the main subject and the way the light falls on the wood decking on the boat. It is a photo that draws you in wanting to examine every detail. Nice!!


    • Thank you very much Gale πŸ™‚ After 40+ years I think I’m kind of getting the hang of this photography thing, LOL. You should check out the other blog I started in July called Monochromia – http://groupexpo.wordpress.com It’s a collaborative blog featuring photographers, photo nuts and amateurs from all over the world. We each post once a week and its black and white only. have a great day. It also has a Facebook page -www.facebook.com/MonochromiaBlog


  2. LB says:

    You are so good at these types of photos, Joe. In fact, I tried to mimic yours with the two of the fishing rods in my Eastern Shore images. You just have a way o bringing out the beauty in something very simple, yet incredibly functional. And of course, anything with rust is just fine by me!


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