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Dry Town

I was reminded of this song by Miranda Lambert when a friend of mine took a road trip on her Harley and had mentioned that she ran across some dry towns.  My friend is Laurie Buchwald and I wanted to dedicate todays song to her.  This is just a song and the album cover no video, but it’s a fun song.  I hope you enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Dry Town

  1. Laurie, my ex and I went on a planned Harley ride one year, with one of the stops being Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Dry as a bone Pigeon Forge. What? There were a few groups of bikers that weren’t very happy about that.

    Joe, I love Miranda Lambert. Thanks for sharing.


  2. LB says:

    What a hoot!!! I love it, Joe! You’ve made me smile in the middle of the work day 🙂
    I rode yesterday and told everyone about my dry experience. BIG flaw in planning. HA!


    • Next time use the Urban Spoon or Yelp app on your smartphone, LOL. This should NEVER happen again Laurie 🙂 I thought you would like the song 🙂


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