Morning in the Woods

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Photo by Laurie !



Depsite the rain and cloudy skies that I encountered while riding through the hills and hollers of Kentucky, I was none the less, struck by the beauty of the area.  Walking into the mist during an early morning hike in Breaks Interstate Park, I was surrounded by the quiet sounds of morning in the woods. The light coming through the trees let me know that the canyon was not too far off, but once I arrived, I had to use my imagination as to what lay before me.  No disappointment though … just peace.

The return to work, and life in general, has so far been a barrier to sharing the tales of my recent travels.  I will get it done, however, and I’ll hope you’ll come on over to Life on the Bike and Other Fab Things to ride those roads with me.

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3 thoughts on “Morning in the Woods

    • I do agree with you Pauline it is the one of the best shots ever from Laurie. Its really cool to watch people refine their skills with a camera over time. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend Pauline 🙂


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