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Morning Dew


Nikon D610 and Tamron 90mm Di SP f/2.8 Macro Lens – 1/500 @ f/4.3

Although I am a firm believer in using the same brand lenses as the manufacturer of your camera this Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens certainly proves me wrong. It is an extraordinary performing lens. These are some images I took of early morning dew on some Hosta leaves.


Nikon D610 and Tamron 90mm Di SP f/2.8 Macro Lens – 1/2000 @ f/5.0


26 thoughts on “Morning Dew

    • Thank you John πŸ™‚ When you do any sort of close up work the depth of field is really shallow no matter what aperture you use. The center focus you see is actually the difference in depth from the area in focus (the center) and curvature of the leaf.


  1. Beautiful images, Joe. I recently rented the same lens for a weekend to play along with my Nikon D7100. I was also impressed with the lens. Have a great weekend!


    • Thank you very much Fred I picked mine up used for $300 and couldn’t be happier. With the D7100 the lens also works out to a 135mm focal length which is really a plus for macro. You have a great weekend also Fred πŸ™‚


      • Thanks, Joe. I’ve never bought a used lens but think I need to try that route. I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with a used lens. Take care.


  2. Great shots Joe! I would say my macro is my favorite lens. I haven’t used anything outside the Nikon lineup but have seen some wonderful photos from Tamron and Sigma lenses.

    BTW, just thought it may be worth noting that every time I visit your blog I need to refresh the page for the title of your posts to show up so I can click into them. Not sure if others have this problem or not. I usually access it from Google Chrome. Not a big deal but a bit annoying at times.


    • Thank you very much Justin πŸ™‚ I would do more macro work but I have such a bad back it really bothers me to get down to the level of the plants. I had the Nikon 105 f/2.8 macro the AF-D version a while ago and I like this Tamron better. I’m sure the newer Nikons are great though.

      Thanks for letting me know about the blog I will have to send some emails out and see if any of my friends are using Google Chrome. a couple of my friends use IE with Windows, a few use Firefox and I along with most of the family use Safari and nobody has mentioned the same problem. I will definitely look into it though. Have a great weekend Justin πŸ™‚


  3. I enjoy using my Tamron 90mm, but I wish I had the newer version. The manual focus slide design is less than desirable for me. Nice shallow DoF photo – great detail.


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