Rule Of Thirds

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Brent Mail is a professional photographer from Australia who recently interviewed Cole Thompson, a fine art photographer from the United States. It is a great interview. Please go take a peek! Among many of the things he said that resonated with me concerns the Rule Of Thirds:

“I have my own “Rule of Thirds”. (I don’t like Rules of Photography so I make up my own).

My Rule of Thirds says a great image is comprised of one-third vision, one-third the shot, and one-third processing.

The vision is what drives the other two-thirds.

It drives the shot because when I know what I want the final image to look like, that directs how I capture the image.

Likewise with the processing, which is where I do the majority of the creative work on the image, the vision drives it.”

Get used to his name. Cole Thompson. I…

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4 thoughts on “Rule Of Thirds

  1. I have never been partial to black and white photos, probably because of the limits of my present camera. But images such as this really grab me. As he says, his vision leads to the shot, but his post-processing is where the real drama comes in.


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