Serpent Star Fish

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Serpent Star Fish

Well, it’s one of those weeks when mistakes have been made…that’s allowed, right?  I took my computer in to have additional memory installed because all of my raw files are taking up so much space.  I was so focused on getting “work” done before being without it, that I completely forgot to write my post for this week for Monochromia.  So, desperately not wanting to disappoint, I searched my iPhone photograph library.  Thankfully I had a few images from our trip to Grand Cayman that I had converted to black and white using the photo app.   I selected one and emailed the image above of a Serpent Star Fish to our family laptop and voila, I have a post.

The picture isn’t the greatest quality as it was taken with my phone, but I found this creature to be quite intriguing and the composition was satisfactory.  The Star Fish crawled out of a large Conch…

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