29 thoughts on “Comfortable

  1. Bess Jones says:

    I can only wonder what you mean about ‘additive’ Joe, hope it’s something better than the tea… 🙂
    Nice simple shot. I like shooting benches too.


    • Believe it or not Meho I have become quite fond of “Moonshine” or “White Lighning” as they call it south of here. Of course it’s legal to buy certain brands in the local liquor stores up here but I’m sure it’s not as good as the outlaw “hooch”, LOL. It goes rather nice with iced tea also and it keeps you smiling all day 🙂


  2. Joe, the white delicate bench contrasts dramatically with the ruggedness and strength of the large tree beside it. I loved the symbolic contrast of both subjects. The color white enhances to the difference in strength. Great photograph. Your Fujifilm X-E2 rocks!


    • Thank you very much Omar 🙂 I am still a long time Nikon shooter but I’m also in love with the Fuji’s there is just something pleasing about the images. Have a great day 🙂


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